Hormone Replacement Therapy

When the idea of replacing hormones when women stopped producing their own was first floated as an offset to the symptoms of menopause it seemed like the answer to a prayer. Then after a little while the health risks became known and suddenly something that had so recently been all good was all bad.

Health risks

According to notes on hormone replacement therapy for women by the Mayo Clinic, the risks include heart disease, stroke, blood clots and breast cancer. These are words with enough power behind them to make a woman stop taking HRT.

But then in the same article, the clinic acknowledges a range of other factors like when the treatment is taken and when the risks start. Clearly, it is unclear.

hormone replacement therapy for women

Who should consider HRT

The source for the following is still the Mayo Clinic who report for the following categories of women the benefits may outweigh the risks. Women who experience severe menopausal symptoms and women who have lost bone mass. They add a whole category of women with premature menopause at risk of osteoporosis, heart diseases, early death Parkinson’s-like disease and anxiety or depression.

Reducing the Risks

There are a range of ways in which the risks can be reduced, although obviously these should be discussed with a doctor.

Different Products and Delivery Methods

There are many ways and many products available. Which one is the right one depends on a range of patient factors a doctor will be able to prescribe the most effective way for your circumstances.

A healthy diet and lifestyle

AS with everyone else, things for HRT patients are improved with a healthy lifestyle. Diet, exercise, moderation in alcohol are important.

Research continues, so we know more than we did this time last year. It might be worth a look.

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